Saturday, January 19th , 2019

There are 2 locations with the same competition events.  Choose only one.

North/Central NJ:    Monmouth Regional High School, Tinton Falls, NJ

Southern NJ:            Washington Township High School,  Sewell, NJ   (Gloucester County) 

General Information & Registration

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Welcome & Registration Info

Note:  to register, go to Home page of NJAAPT website, under "Register for Upcoming Events".  Select either North/Central or South region Physics Olympics.

General Rules & Awards

See previous years:

2018 Physics Olympics

2017 Physics Olympics

Events and Rules   

Rules are posted below!

Please check back in for updates on the Rules, and use the NJAAPT website Forum conversation thread for questions/ comments. 

To receive an answer, all questions must be asked, via the NJAAPT Forum,  no later than November 30, 2018.

Rules below, Updated as of 9-18-2018

Event 1 Fermi Questions

Fermi Question Practice:

Fermi Question WS.pdf

Fermi Question WS calc.pdf

Event 2 Grab Bag Event

Event 3 Coffee Can Racer

Event 4 The Catapult

Event 5 The Egg Catcher

Event 6 Zero-Impact Vehicle

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