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SE Pennsylvania fall events / workshops

20 Sep 2016 1:16 PM | Anonymous

FALL DEMO DAY  will be Saturday October 15th at Science Leadership Academy in Phila.

Coffee and snacks ($5)  and registration:  8:30 am     Demos begin at  9:00 am.

Please register now by contacting Barry Feierman  (  

If you are planning on bringing a demonstration, please write a short description.  Students will be available to help unload equipment at the door.  A week before the event I will send out a list of all of the demos.


In addition to demos, the SEPS  leadership is considering holding two discussion groups at the end of the demo session.

1)  Experiences of Advanced Placement 1/2  teachers and curriculum

2)  Experiences of Physics First (9th grade) teachers and curriculum

If either of these two topics is of interest for you, please contact Barry at the above address,and the SEPS leadership will consider adding this to the regular FALL DEMO event this year.

We have a number of  schools now offering  AP 1  and/or  AP 2  and a number of schools, both public and independent, that have been teaching Physics in 9th grade for a decade or more, and those teachers can share their own experiences, labs, etc.


Also reminder ....  SEPS  AAPT  will be holding two FREE  Workshops this fall. (for paid members) with ACT 48 credits available.  Workshops have coffee/registration at  8:30 and workshop begins at 9:00 am.

Annual 2016-2017 SEPS dues   $10


October 8th  Saturday at Bryn Mawr College  -  an  Open House for participants to explore the 16 labs that are set up for the first semester, including topics in motion, dynamics, mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, and E&M.  These are "inquiry style labs" designed by the BMC faculty. Presenters will be Mark Matlin (Bryn Mawr faculty)  Harriet Slogoff and Barry Feierman.

Registration for this workshop by contacting Barry Feierman  (


October 29th Saturday at LaSalle University   -  more information about the topics and how to register will be coming soon.  SAVE THE DATE.

NJAAPT  is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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